Zoomadog offers new customized mobile Golf Apps for Golf Courses & Golf Leagues

May 24, 2013. East Hartford, CT - Zoomadog Technologies, LLC a Connecticut based company, has introduced a new customized mobile Golf App designed for Golf Courses and Golf Leagues that runs on Apple iOS and Google Android devices. This new app is customized for customers and it includes real-time updates from their web based content management server. 

Mobile users and mobile applications are on the rise and Golf Course owners and Golf Leagues need better ways to communicate to their members to stay competitive and connect through social media. The average mobile user spends 94 minutes a day on their phone and there are now over 33 billion smart phones in the market, and rising. As a result, mobile applications have become a competitive tool to gain an advantage over your competition and increase memberships for your golf course or league.

Now you can create your own content and deliver your information instantly to anyone who downloads your app anywhere in the world. Patrons download your app for free from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Most importantly, your mobile App stays in their phone or tablet and provides instant access to your golf course or golf league even while they’re on the road, or out on the course. More


Zoomadog releases new web-based Content Management System

February 15, 2013. East Hartford, CT - Zoomadog Technologies, LLC a Connecticut based company, has introduced a new web-based Content Management System that can allow customers to manage marketing content that synchronizes with Mobile Apps in real time. Thousands of mobile applications have been released but now there’s way to release an App that can updated in real time, without custom coding or multiple releases to the App Stores.


Zoomadog has developed a better way to manage your business content that business owners have requested for years. "Please find a way that we can update out content without paying expensive software and development fees." Well, Zoomadog has developed 20 Business Templates that are built into custom mobile apps and each template is synchronized to their new CMS (Content Management System) web server.


These web-based business templates are building blocks for building custom mobile Apps and are listed as follows; Main Menu Screen, Secure Login, Sub Menu Screen, Splash screen, Facebook screen, Twitter screen, SMS Text Message, Phone connect, Email connect, HTML/Text screen, URL Link screen, Video screen, eBook screen, Maps with directions, Weather feed, Link to Web Documents and many more.