Shop Floor & Inventory Control Integrated with OpenPro ERP


Zoomadog has worked extensively with OpenPro's Soap API and we've developed a collection of Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) Programs.  1) Scan Operations App for Work-In-Process (WIP), 2) Time & Attendance App and 3) an Inventory Control App.  The SFDC programs are designed to run on the Google Android platform with a tablet device and each device communicates directly to OpenPro's Soap API. The Inventory programs run on a Motorola 3190 portable terminals and provides real time capabilities for any company looking to manage their inventory without a browser screen.  These programs run remotely in each device and handle barcode scanning for parts, locations, counts and inventory tags.  We've also developed a feature to capture Work-In Process Inventory by scanning Travelers WO numbers and the current operation for each part to identify current costs for WIP inventory.


Shop Floor Data Collection with OpenPro


The SFDC Application runs on the Google Android OS and is integrated with OpenPro's Soap API.  This App manages the data collection of Work Orders scanned off the OpenPro barcode traveler to capture Work-In-Process data.  Since these devices run the SFDC program locally in each device, this eliminates the need for a middleware PC or installing an additional Server.  These devices can be fixed mounted on a wall or used as a mobile device moving throughout your shop floor. You will need to provide a standard WiFi connection with a real time connection to the OpenPro Server along with a Bluetooth barcode scanner to use these programs. 


Time Clock Application


The Time Clock App supports a Clock In/Out transaction programmed as a toggle function. Scan a barcode employee badge into the App and the employee is clocked in. Scan this employee badge again and they are clocked out.  There is a 3 minute delay built into the App which doesn't allow employees to clock in again by mistake. This is supported even if an employee clocks in from one terminal and then goes to another terminal and attempts to clock in again. All employees are verified against the OpenPro employee database to prevent unauthorized access.   

Scan Operations


The Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) App includes a functions to capture Work-In-Process data. Before employees start their operation, workers approach the SFDC station with their badge and manufacturing traveler printed from the OpenPro system.  The worker starts by pressing the Scan Operation button followed by the START or END operation button. Depending on the button pressed, the worker will be presented with a series of input fields.  The worker can scan barcodes by scanning the workers badge, work order, operation, job code, machine, die no, quantity complete, and quantity scrap. Certain fields can be required or optional. After all fields have been entered, the worker presses the OK button to process their transaction. The SFDC App will immediately verify each field and respond with an error message if any fields are invalid.  If all fields are valid, the transaction is updated in OpenPro in real time.  The Manufacturing work order and (BOO) Bill of Operations and quantities are all updated in the manufacturing module and labor times are updated in the payroll module for all activities performed.







Inventory Control with OpenPro


The Inventory Control Application runs on Motorola 3190's with Win CE 6 or greater and it's integrated with OpenPro's Soap API.  This App provides three primary functions, 1) Find Inventory, 2) Move Inventory, and 3) Do Physical Counts.  This application is integrated with the built-in barcode scanner so data can be scanned or keyed in. Inventory count tags can also be scanned when executing a complete physical inventory.  When counting WIP inventory, the OpenPro barcode travelers can be scanned to capture the part number, WO and current operation to identify exact costs.  The Inventory programs run locally in each device, which eliminates the need for a middleware PC or installing an additional Server.  You will need to provide a standard WiFi connection with coverage throughout your facility connected to the OpenPro Server.  





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 Shop Floor Data Collection or Inventory programs for your business needs.