Mobile Applications

Below is a list of Apps developed for various customers. These Zoomadog Apps are managed from a web-based Content Management Server to manage and tailor the App to add or remove various Zoomadog Business Templates.  Each business template allows us to edit various features in the App such as; App theme, menu layouts, header image, splash screen image, colors, fonts, sounds, videos and much more.      

Zoomadog was the first company to leverage the power of Google Docs with Mobile Business Apps. Now you can access any documents you share in Google Docs with your mobile App.  What is Google Docs?  Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.  Most importantly, Zoomadog Mobile Apps can connect to any of these documents and allow you to view, or change, any shared document in your Google Drive.  This provides unprecedented capabilities in managing your data and how its accessed through your mobile App. Zoomadog also provides various solutions that can Sync your Google Docs files with your ERP or Server software so that each system has the latest up-to-date information. Please contact us for more information on our File Syncing options.


Mobile CRM Apps


The Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Application accesses your sales information through Excel spreadsheets that are loaded in Google Docs, the #1 cloud document sharing solution. You can have up to 15 different spreadsheets for the Mobile CRM App to access, such as Sales Leads, Forecasts, Quotations, Orders, Invoices and Account information.  Simply setup your own company Google Docs account and create your sales data in any format you desire, with any number of rows, columns, calculations and graphs necessary to manage your sales team. We'll start you off by loading our standard Excel spreadsheets and you can modify them as necessary. As soon as we release your App and it's approved by Apple and Google, your App will have immediate access to your sales data. Requires a Google Docs Account or other web-based file sharing solution.

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Golf Course & Golf League Apps

There are two types of Golf Mobile Apps, the first is a specialized App for Golf Courses and it features all aspects of marketing about your Golf Course and facilities.  The second App is for Golf Leagues, where you can access Google Docs to show your league data from an Excel Spreadsheet. Both Apps can display your course information, yardage book, pictures of your facility, your restaurant, menus, and your featured golf holes. Showcase the Pro Shop with specials along with any planned events, golf tournaments, banquet accommodations or men's/women's club results. Include maps with directions and get connected to your mobile patrons or league members. To download a sample program, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download "Golf League CLP".  This same app will be customized for your golf facility, course or golf league.

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Apps for Restaurants

This Mobile App is a great way of showcasing your restaurant. This App has been received with great excitement from many restaurant owners and patrons. It includes showing your restaurant picture as the main header image with a programmable menu screen. Touching each menu activates the custom templates listed below. You'll be able to show your restaurants dinner specials, detailed menus and a map showing your map location with directions the restaurant, an Info screen showing another picture of your restaurant, or banquet area. There is also an Email us function, Call us now for a reservation,Like us on Facebook and share us on Twitter.  We've also created a picture Gallery to show off your special dishes, your decor or even speciality wines.  Promoting your restaurant on someone's phone or tablet, is a personal invitation to get them to visit your restaurant.

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Mobile Apps for Your Business

Today's world is very entrenched in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Give your business the leverage it needs by expanding your marketing and becoming socially relevant with a Zoomadog mobile App strategy. Zoomadog has successfully built Mobile solutions for a variety of businesses. So if your business needs a mobile strategy for their Sales Force, Delivery Routes, Scheduling, market your company or to show data that you've developed in Google Docs, please call us.  Remember, smart phone users typically have a higher income, travel longer distances for what they want and are more loyal when they can download your mobile App to their phone.  Just think what that will do to your competition.