About Us

Zoomadog Technologies was launched in 2010 with the assistance of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT). Our mission is to help business owners implement a dynamic mobile strategy using an easy and flexible web-based Content Management Solution (CMS) that pushes content to your patron's mobile devices.  This includes the most popular devices such as iPhone, iPad tablet, iPad mini tablet, iPod touch as well as all Android phones and tablets. The grouping of these devices makes up about 65% of today's mobile marketplace and it's growing each day.


Our web-based CMS solution with flexible web templates to allow users to manage and push their own content to their custom mobile Application. These web enabled CMS templates work in conjunction with your customized Mobile App, so they talk to each other. Pushing your business brand and content to everyone's mobile device maximizes the business-to-customer relationship to gain a competitive advantage and become more relevant in today's mobile market.  Your marketing data will now appear on all mobile devices that have downloaded your App. View the usage map to find out who's downloaded your app and where they are located... anywhere in the world.  Zoomadog also has extensive ERP consulting experience to assist with ERP integration, shop floor data collection and inventory control applications.  Call us if you need us to review your project.


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