Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Your custom App

Your custom mobile App is a great way of showing off your restaurant. This App has been received with great excitement from many restaurant owners and patrons. It includes showing a restaurant picture as the main header image with a configurable menu screen. Touching each menu activates the custom templates listed below. You'll be able to show your restaurants dinner specials, detailed menus a map showing your location with directions to your restaurant, an About Us screen showing another picture of your restaurant, or banquet area and much more. There is also an Email us function, a Call us now for a reservation, like us on Facebook and share us on Twitter.  We've also created a picture gallery to show off your special dishes, your decor or even specialty wines. Promoting your restaurant on someone's phone or tablet, is a personal invitation to get them to visit your restaurant. For more information you can download a PDF datasheet.


It all starts with the Content Management Solution

The web-based Content Management Server (CMS) provides an easy way to manage the content you want delivered to your mobile community. This system is "English" language only.  When your order is placed, we register your new application with the Google and Apple stores and you'll be assigned a User and Password to access the CMS system. Once you log in, you can manage your account info, Upload Files and proceed to the "Screens / Actions" section.  Here you'll have approximately 15 different templates that can be used with your Mobile App. Each temple will have demonstration data to help get you you can immediately see how it works on your Mobile device. Key or paste your data into each template to create your content. If you need to use pictures, simply proceed to the File Manager and upload your files. Try to keep the picture size under 75K as the larger the picture size, the longer it takes to download. You can use any picture with any template that accepts pictures. As you enter data for each template, you can press the [Save] button to save your data.  Immediately, your data will be available to view on your mobile device. This process will take a few hours to enter your data, upload pictures and set up the templates to get you up and running...but it's very intuitive and easy to use. 

Below are sample screens that show how the CMS system works in conjunction with mobile devices. We have many business Apps, but for this example, we are showing the "Apps for Restaurants".

How it works...

1) When you login to the CMS Server, you will see the screen below. You will have a few options to manage your account and your business content.  The first thing to do, is select the "Screens / Actions" menu on the left.  This brings you to the screen on the right where you can manage your content.


3) When the Specials HTML function is selected, you will see the screen below. There are various options provided to manage your data. We'll start by selecting the HTML Editor. Now move your mouse to the editor and key in your data or simply copy and paste from your PC and press the [Save] button.




5) The Maps function allows you to key in your business address and display this in Google Maps. The Server will automatically find your location and enter the Latitude and Longitude data. Select the color of your Pin and press the [Save] button. The next screen will allow you to select background colors, menu title, show user's location or allow for showing directions.  These are very powerful tools.  If you have a navigator program loaded on your phone, it will ask you if you want to use this to guide you to this business address.  If no navigator is loaded, Google maps will show text directions for you follow. Note, this assumes your device has GPS, if not it will just display a message that your location can't be found.



7) The CMS File / Manager allows you to upload document or pictures to the CMS Server. Once your pictures are uploaded, you can use the Gallery template to display them to your mobile users. It's very easy to use, you simply enter your picture title and select the image you want to load. After you've entered all your pictures, you can enter a number sequence to determine the order they are viewed. Press the [Update] button and these pictures are now available for all to see.

2) The "Manage Screens And Actions" section shows each of the mobile templates that have been built into your custom application. Each of these have some sample data loaded. For example, select the "Specials" function to edit the data by filling out the screen prompts.


4) Download your App on your mobile phone and run it.  The App will display "Updates Available".  Press "Yes" and select the "Specials" menu item on your screen. Presto! The Specials screen is displayed with the data you just keyed in... all in real time. The screen is automatically resized... simply swipe up or down to view all the data.


6) When the you run your App, the Maps selection will be displayed on the main menu (shown below left).  Touching the Maps function opens the Google Maps screen (shown below right) with your business location (green pin) and the mobile user location (phone icon). If you press the green pin, the App will ask if you want directiions from the mobile user to the business location.  Pressing Yes, loads a navigator program (if you have one loaded) or shows you the Google Maps text directions.   


8) The Gallery template is selected from the main menu, the Gallery screen opens and displays the first picture in sequence. The picture number is shown at the top along with the total pictures available. Use your finger to swipe through each picture to view each one. by turning your phone to the side, all pictures will be displayed in landscape mode.  As you add more pictures, they are automatically updated and pushed to each mobile user.


Ordering Instructions...

    1. When you order, your credit card will be charged one time for $99.00 plus $59.00 per month.  Your credit card statement will show "CLKBANK*COM" as the merchant.  They are a authorized merchant for Zoomadog.
    2. After your order is placed, you will be directed to our Mobile App Info page, which you need to fill out.  This provides us with more details about your business so we can generate and register your Mobile Application.
    3. We will generate your program with your requested App Name and submit your App to both Google and Apple Markets. NOTE: THIS PROCESS TAKES BETWEEN 4-5 DAYS FOR GOOGLE AND 8-10 DAYS FOR APPLE TO AUTHORIZE. We will keep you informed on the progress but we have to wait for both Google and Apple development teams to authorize your app for the market. Don't worry, we've done this many times, so please be patient.
    4. We will send you an Email Login to the Zoomadog CMS site so that you can become more familiar with the Content Manger. You will also be able to create your own pull menu selections, upload images and build your own content for each mobile screen.
    5. We will inform you when your Mobile App is available on both markets for you to download and test. Any content that you've created will be immediately available to view on your phone or tablet. Continue to build and test your content so it shows off your company brand. Call us about any support issues you have, our team is available 8:30 to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time at our toll free number 888-557-7216. WE ALSO PROVIDE CONTENT BUILDING SERVICES FOR $50.00 PER HOUR SO CALL US IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE.
    6. Once your content is ready and has been tested on your device, tell everyone you know to download your new App! We suggest you update your content weekly with new information to create more buzz about your business. 




Product R01

$99 includes Your Custom App and Registration Fees to Apple & Google

plus $59 per month thereafter for web-based CMS Server Access

(Requires credit card for billing)

When you purchase this product you will be brought to the ClickBank order page,

as they are a secure online retailerZoomadog does not store any Credit Card information. It is very

important that you read and accept the Terms & Conditions of this service by following the link. 

Placing your order means you have read and agreed to these terms.

      If you have more than 5 locations...


If you need a multiple site License with more than 5 locations,

please contact us by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. We will make every

attempt to contact you as soon as possible with our over 5 multi-site pricing.