Mobile Apps for Sales teams, Scheduling, Delivery Routes and others

Now your business can leverage Mobile Phone Apps to leverage new customers, boost your sales, improve relationships and gain relevance with social media. Zoomadog has created multiple business applications with a concept we call "Business Templates" making it easy for us to create your own Mobile App and place it on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  Show your customers you care with one touch access to your business or business applications. Retailers can show today’s specials, products, menus, coupons or any content that builds loyalty. Then give them instant directions to your business location to keep them coming.  Manage your Sales team with our  new Mobile CRM App. Edit, change or delete... tasks, forecasts, orders, accounts and get a map and directions to your next account.  Most importantly, we give you access to your Free Google Docs account so you can keep using your documents such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint and push this data to mobile workers.  They will have to ability to add, change or delete your own shared documents in real time.  Zoomadog's mobile applications include a web-based Content Management Server so you can also change the look and feel of our mobile app, change themes, colors, images and logos on the fly and all of this is available for a One-time Development Fee  and a Low Monthly Subscription.  For more information, click to view our "Mobile Apps" page to see what apps have already been developed, or click the play button below to see an overview of how Mobile apps work with our Content Management System.



Show your business brand
Showcases your business branding with your logo, colors, unique images and artwork. Upload your specials, calendar of events or whatever creates more customer loyalty by customizing your own mobile screen content.


Reach is relevance
Serves as an ideal channel for reaching mobile users, traveling parties, social media or that younger crowd. When you distribute your own App, you
'll earn their respect and they'll come and show their loyalty. Because your App runs on all iOS and Android phones, you can access anyone in the world.


Easy to manage and maintain
Our CMS tools require minimal technical expertise from your staff. Easy-to-use collaborative tools with login. There are about 25 business templates and each template has various options that you can manage or change.  upload your images, logos, header image, splash screen, and set up your menus, colors and theme. Upload your content and press [Publish] to send your content to all your mobile users in real time. it's that easy!


Usage Maps and Reports

When patrons download your mobile app, our web-based CMS system will automatically track all GPS data on all devices that have downloaded your app and create a usage map of what device downloaded your app and where they were located along with last access. Export this data to Excel for better reporting and analytics.


Leverage Google Docs

Your mobile App can access any document in Google Docs, so workers can add, change or delete data from their mobile device.  Use mobile devices to manage your sales force, your deliveries, or your busy schedule for billing, expenses, etc.   

Fast and efficient for your patrons
Makes your business just one click away. Includes one-click access to your menu, your specials, maps, events, coupons, email, texting and more.  Downloading your App to a phone is the quickest and easiest way to show your Brand, using a browser to find you on the web is slow and makes your content hard to read. 


Maps and directions
Your restaurant’s GPS location is built into your app, just select Maps and Directions and your patrons will instantly see a Google Map with your location. Press the push green pin and you get instant directions from where ever you are.


Real time updates

When you update your content on our Server and press [Publish], this information is immediately available to all who have downloaded your app.  As soon as your App runs on any mobile device, a message box appears showing on the mobile device that the content has changed.  Pressing "Yes" and the new content is immediately displayed on your mobile phone or tablet.


Add more content anytime

Whenever you want to add new content, such as a new menu or new images or additional information... go ahead, your App will automatically react and your new content will be pushed to all patrons as soon as you press the [Publish] button. 

Works on Millions of Mobile Devices

Over 60% of all mobile users have an Apple iPhone, iPad Tablet, iPad Mini, iPod Touch or an Android phone or Android tablet. As we move forward, we will be offering additional devices to increase this coverage. Our Apps are programs we build with your business name that you can download from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Market. This is where all major Apps come from. However, your app will be able to run on multiple phone types and devices and automatically resize to fit the device's screen size. It will also utilize many of the smart phone features that are available today, such as calling your phone number, using their existing email account or even sending a text message.  Our secret is that we've developed reusable templates of code that can be compiled and used on multiple devices.  We provide all the templates in your App. Therefore, if you decide to use some of the functions today and later you want to expand to use more functions, you can simply select the new templates on our Content Manager and they will automatically appear on everyone's phone or tablet.  That's because they are already loaded and built in to your App.  So if you decide you don't want anyone to access your Facebook page, because you don't have it yet, that's okay... Simply add it later when you've been able to create your account. then go to the Content Manager and add this function and it will automatically work just fine... even if you're adding a new menu item to the screen... it will simply appear and your patron can simply use their finger to swipe down to see all the new menu items or functions you just added. It's that simple!




Shop Floor & Inventory Apps for Your ERP System


Zoomadog Technologies has worked extensively developing Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) and Inventory Control applications using Google Android tablets and Motorola portable devices. Some of these Apps require a Bluetooth connection for barcode or RFID scanners, which we can provide. This gives your business unprecedented mobile capabilities to capture data and communicate to your business software or ERP system. We've taken the hard work out of data collection and built the data entry screens and multiple web service calls directly into our Apps so its easy for your workers to use. This also removes the need for additional middleware PCs or servers and allows the tablets and portable terminals to communicate directly to your ERP software.  Please contact us if you have any questions about using rugged tablets or portable terminals for your business needs. 


Find out more about our Shop Floor Data Collection and Inventory Control Apps integrated with the ERP Systems.